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NEW YEAR PARTY 2012 in MIAMI Miami is a beautiful place to celebrate the New Year. The weather in Miami is very mild at this time of year, compared to other parts of the country. From parades to fireworks, there are plenty of fun

Contagion Review : Like 9/11?

Contagion Review : Like 9/11? The standard line for the director Steven Soderbergh is that it has a simple rule when it comes to balancing art and commerce: I make a film for me, I’m not one of the movies “they”.

30 Minutes or Less Movie , plot, review 2011

30 Minutes or Less Movie review 2011 Somewhere in the movie critic handbook, issued to all reviewers who land on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s a page on making jokes about a movie’s length. The three scenarios in which it’s mandatory are when a movie is

So You Think You Can Dance’ Winner

So You Think You Can Dance’s eighth-season title will be won by a female finalist, Nigel Lythgoe predicts. You Can You Can Dance has crowned Melanie Moore the season eight champion. So You Think You Can Dance’ Winner Moore beat out second-place contestant Sasha