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Catfish enlargement

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 | Tips and hint

Soil was measured and marked in accordance with the plan, eg the size of 20 m2 or 4 x 5 and 50-70 cm depth or height.
Start digging or replacing wood as a booster amplifier mounted batten horizontally according to the size that has been characterized in conjunction with excavation constructed embankment.Catfish enlargement
The bottom sloped toward the drains.
After multiplying the ground, flattened and arranged so that no stone or gravel so that tarps are not perforated. Can be covered with rice straw in order to tender. Then fitted according to the size of the pool tarp, to keep water from leaking.
When the pool has been created, followed by calcification Kg/50 5-10 m2. FOR SIZE 3 X 4 m are given as much as 2 ounces of lime.
Bottom of the pool sprinkled with manure (compossap) as high as 5 cm. Or manure put in sacks and tied so as not scattered then inserted into the pool. Note: manure should be perfectly fermented by adding biokatalisator like: propolik, EM4, biosca, etc..
Bottom of the pool filled with water as high as 15 cm is given in conjunction with¬† ‘proaquatic’ with a dose of 5-6 liters / ha or in accordance with the user.
Water was added to the pool until the pool elevation and is ready for maintenance.
Before the seed is spread, the pool is flooded for 7-8 days.
Plastic bag containing the fish floated into the pool for temperature adjustment (adaptation) for 10-15 minutes.
Prepare a bucket of water in a given anti-fungal drug, Acyclovir in the form of 2 eggs, Blitz 20 drops to 10 liters of water (as directed). Can be purchased at the fish store. Fish seed in the plastic is removed and inserted into the bucket, leave for 2-5 minutes and then removed with a net. Then scatter into the pool.

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